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Online scratch cards may not have a long history compared to slots or table games such as blackjack. They are, however, becoming popular with online players, thanks to the incredibly easy gameplay. It's a game of luck that comes with a twist. Scratch the grey or black silicone covering and unlock your fate - captivating and appealing.

What are Free Scratch Cards

As you would expect, online scratch cards come with small cardboard with a prize in it, and if luck is on your side, you can scratch and win. The idea is simple, and you might not see the fun part until you win an attractive amount from doing absolutely nothing! -simply scratching off symbols.

Long before online gambling was a thing, you would find typical scratch cards in coffee shops, hotels, and even casinos, but they were used mostly as gift cards and unlocking small prizes. Nowadays, things are getting better, and a simple online scratch card on your mobile phone can change your financial status in minutes or even seconds. That said, most of these scratch cards won't have the lucrative payouts and bonuses you would expect from a classic online slot.

Some of the reputed online casino developers that have ventured into the scratch-card niche include Net Entertainment, which offers Triple Wins & Lucky Double games. Microgaming has Mumbai Magic and Foamy Fortunes, etc. Other casino suppliers with online scratch card games are Playtech (Football Mania, Beetle Bingo) and Real Time Gaming ( Hot Dice and Lucky 8s).

How to Use/Play free scratch cards

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Instead of using a coin to scratch the card, you use the mouse to scrap the grey/black covering that encloses your potential prize. Depending on the individual games, you can right-click on the mouse as you hover to scratch the card or click on a scratch button for faster gameplay.

By signing up with an online casino offering scratch card games, you get to scratch the card and unlock your winning chances without spending your money. Think of this more like a bonus feature or free spins with online slots. The game's rules will always vary from one game to another, and each developer will adopt unique gameplay. However, the idea remains pretty much the same. For example, you may be required to match 2 or 3 symbols on the card to win a prize. At times, the prize is indicated on the card, and all you have to do is scratch to reveal your winning. In some, numbers/characters are used in the place of symbols.

Types of Online scratch cards

The variety of online scratch cards available on the market is quite diverse, and you're sure to find one that will suit your gaming needs. Like slot games, you can expect a scratch card game similar to the other, but with uniquely added features. Nowadays, 3D scratch cards are available, and these will take your playing experience to another new level. When signing up with a new casino, take our time to explore the available options. Choose one that piques your interest, and proceed to unlock the mystery prizes.

Closing Comments

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Online gaming continues to evolve by the day, and what we get are fun and more elaborate online games. As people look for easy ways to make money online, casino developers continue to widen their scope, which has been the case with scratch cards. If this is something you would be interested in, always observe the gambling etiquette as these games can get intensively addictive, and the last thing you would want to do is gamble away the food money.